CyberSearch provides advanced technical expertise to companies needing temporary specialized engineering services.  TriSoft provides the marketing and development of operating systems, plus support software for a variety of microcomputer users.  TriSoft is the shortened name used when introducing TriSoft/CyberSearch to potential customers or clients. 

As a small business TriSoft's engineering services are cost competitive and time responsive.  TriSoft can offer not only the superior services of it's full-time employees, but also access to associates who are called upon when the workload or project complexity warrants.  TriSoft's experience and size result in well designed systems, components, and software packages with customer-responsive schedules.  TriSoft's hands-on engineering experience provides both commercial and military customers with hardware and software expertise, from microcode and components through complete applications and systems development. 

TriSoft's capabilities include:

TriSoft can be called upon to assist in the development of hardware, software, microprocessor cards, or entire systems. Other services include:     

TriSoft can assist in software development for existing systems or write special application software for evolving requirements.  Software may be written in high order languages such as C, ADA, PASCAL, FORTRAN, and HTML.  Documentation can be provided anywhere from minimal operating instructions to full DOD-STD-2167A depending on the desires of the customer and the end product use.  Although the use of high order languages offer transportability, the nature of the job may recommend that TriSoft program directly in assembly language for maximum performance or other limitations of embedded devices, an area where TriSoft excels. 

References for previous contract work performed by TriSoft can be provided upon request.

For further information contact: 

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