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Last updated: 29 Feb 2008
TriSoft has extensive experience on military projects, from under the sea to deep space.

TriSoft helped Tracor (now BAE Systems) develop the chips and microcode for the AN/UYK-20 replacement computers used by the US Navy.  In the air, TriSoft did similar work for the replacement Mil-Std 1750A computer - the Air Force standard for embedded computers.  And in space, TriSoft worked with Magnavox on the original GPS systems for the military, and on control systems for the Galileo space probe.

Dr. Knox worked on the design of both the hardware and software in the ALE-45 countermeasures system, as well as the later ALE-47.  Dr. Knox supported MES in the development of the TACDS countermeasures system for the AMX defense fighter, and later designed the support and test equipment for that CMDS.  And as part of L-3, Dr. Knox worked on the design, simulation, and testing of the Military Aircraft Protection System (MAPS) being tested by the Navy to protect aircraft from surface-to-air missiles.
Navy AN/UYK-20 Computer
Galileo Space Probe
ASAF F-15 Fighter with ALE-45
MANPADS Missile and Launcher
F-15 with ALE-45 Flare Dispense Active
Non-Destructive Testing (NDE)

TriSoft has worked with various companies in the development on non-destructive testing of aircraft coatings.  A number of these have been with Systems and Materials Corporation, a leader in microwave NDE.  These devices can "see" beneath aircraft paints and even fiber layups to inspect coating thickness, depth to "lightning strike" protection materials, or spot hidden  corrosion beneath the coating.  End customers include Northrop-Grumman, Lockheed-Martin, and Bell Helicopter. 
SMRC Remote Probe
SMRC Coating Thickness Gauge
Ground Support Equipment

TriSoft has developed ground support test equipment for various military aircraft.  One classic example is the AGE Test Set for the AMX fighter aircraft.  Developed for the Italian government, this system incorporates two major subsystems.  On the flight line, the AGE is a direct test set for the Tactical Aircraft Countermeasures Defense System (TACDS) of the AMX, complete with remote cockpit control panel.  In the depot, the AGE mates with a PC-based platform to form a complete diagnostic and test facility - minimizing repair time and getting aircraft where they belong, back in the air.
AMX TACDS Remote Test Console
AMX TACDS Depot Repair Workstation
MilStd-1750A Computer Board
Italian Airforce AMX Fighter