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Last updated: 29 Feb 2008
TriSoft/CyberSearch is headed by Dr. James M. Knox.  Dr. Knox has an extensive background in forensic analysis, allowing him to support attorneys as an expert witness in a variety of cases.  Whether it is trade secrets, patent infringement, product liability, or even environmental impact, there may be an issue with which Dr. Knox can assist you.

With a PhD in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Computer Science, Dr. Knox has the facilities and ability to analyze electronic systems and computer networks (both hardware and software).  Plus, having taught at the University of Texas, Dr. Knox can give you a cost effective expert report or expert testimony that will make the facts both understandable and credible. 

With a love of aviation, and possessing a commercial pilots license (with more than 2500 hours as pilot in command), Dr. Knox can help with the forensic analysis of post-crash investigation.  Dr. Knox can work with your metallurgists and meteorologists to find a reconstruction that fits the facts and can help explain this to a jury.

For a list of previous cases, please contact Dr. Knox directly at, or 512-385-0316.
Patent Infringement
Aircraft accident investigation
Laboratory forensics
Electronic Circuit analysis