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Last updated: 29 Feb 2008
Electronic Design (embedded microprocessor)
The mainstay of TriSoft/CyberSearch is the development of small embedded microprocessor solutions for unique problems.  We have familiarity with most modern microprocessors, especially the smaller 8 and 16-bit low power IP cores such as the HCS12, HC16, and HC08 types.  The frequently used ARM and 8051 families are ones we have worked with often.  And we have experience with the older legacy 6800, Z80, and 8080 types as well. 

Of course, the newer x86 and CPU32 architectures are used when more hardware speed is necessary.  But whether it's an 8-bit processor or a dual-core 64-bit blaster, we excel at getting the last bit of performance out of it.  Our Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) experience allows us to optimize that performance to meet the demands of your application.

TriSoft/CyberSearch can help you realize your project, from inception to production readiness.  Let us work with you on the system requirements and concept of operations documents, design and layout the PCB, build up a prototype, and program that prototype to your needs.  We can then, if your needs are for production units, help optimize that design for minimum Bill of Materials costs and work with the board house of your choice to get you into full production.
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Circuit Design and Schematic Capture
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout
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