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Last updated: 29 Feb 2008
TriSoft has substantial experience with data communications techniques and technologies, whether it be wired or wireless.  TriSoft has consulted on the development of secured military networks such as the World Wide Military Command and Control System (WWMCCS), and its wired local area subsystem WISLAN (WWMCC Information System Local Area Network). 

Dr. Knox has supported the development of inter-computer networking at The University of Texas, as well as inter-college networks.  Dr. Knox has also performed detailed network analysis, both for improving communications performance, and in conjunction with various patent and trade secret litigations.

Sometimes communications isn't about the data itself.  TriSoft has developed various wireless devices used in personal security.  TriSoft was the major developer of the Silent Answer system, where wireless data devices provided geolocation and emergency notification in crisis situations.

For when you do need to talk, however, TriSoft helped develop the Direct Wireless communication technology.  This direct wireless phone-to-phone technique is ideal for developing third world countries and remote locations, capable of operating with or without ground support "towers."  Another potential application, highlighted during the Katrina disaster, is for the operation when local ground telecommunication support facilities are no longer available.  Unlike conventional cell phones, intra-area communications would bypass centralized relays, and only connections to the long distance POTS would require a single heliostat or aircraft borne station.
Control Data Corp (CDC) 6600
Digital Equipment Corp DEC-10
Geolocation Waveform (planar sensor array)
Geolocation security FOB
Direct Wireless Communicator