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Last updated: 29 Feb 2008

Cancer cells
Dr. Knox has a background that includes biomedical research and graphic analysis of biomedical data.  In addition to his dissertation Computer Measurement and Analysis of Cell Freezing, Dr. Knox has five additional papers on the subject of cell viability in a cryogenic suspension. 

The techniques for cell analysis by graphical means, used in the study of cancer and blood cells, has been adapted to the study of other analysis in the biomedical field.  Dr. Knox utilized the computer hardware and software he developed to aid in the study of burn healing rates and has consulted on similar adaptations to related fields.

Dr. Knox has assisted with the development and production readiness work on other biomedical devices, including apparatus used in the treament and healing of bone disorders.

TriSoft does not itself perform work in the medical field, but if you have a problem that can be aided by innovative engineering and custom electronics, please ask if we can help.
Yeast cells