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Last updated: 31 Dec 2023

Large Transport Category
With the experience TriSoft and Dr. Knox have in the military aircraft defense arena, it was logical to apply much of that same technology to the civilian market.  Unfortunately, the threat to civilian aircraft (whether corporate business jets, head of state aircraft, or even commercial airliners) from Man Portable Air Defense System missiles (MANPADS) is all too real.  With L-3 Information Systems, Dr. Knox and TriSoft helped develop the Civilian Aircraft Protection System (CAPS) - a state of the art integrated UV and Radar warning system that uses new technology short-burn flares to decoy IR-guided missiles.  Dr. Knox has worked with the Department of Homeland Security in the preparation of such systems for the protection of the US Commercial Aircraft fleet, on both wide body and narrow body aircraft.

Small and Private Aircraft
As holder of a commercial pilot's license, and a deep love of aviation, Dr. Knox continues to explore ways to make aircraft and flying safer and more efficient.  TriSoft has developed a number of such systems, including potential replacements for the KCS-55A Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) stabilization gyro, and a method for long-term monitoring of fatigue on aging aircraft structures.  Dr. Knox helped General Aviation Modification Inc. (GAMI) in the early instrumentation of their improved fuel injector system, a system which helps aircraft save fuel and reduce pollution into the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, nothing is ever completely safe.  Dr. Knox has provided forensic analysis for numerous aircraft accident investigations involving product liability.  He has aided attorneys in analyzing the cause of the accidents, and provided expert reports detailing the findings.  The eventual hope is that out of such analysis will come improvements that will reduce the chance of such accidents in the future.

Volunteer Aviation
Dr. Knox has been associated with volunteer aviation groups for many years, giving back to the community some of the benefits he has found in flying.  He is an ex-board member of Grace Flight of America, and past Chairman of Angel Flight South Central.  He is also a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), and an avid explorer of all things flight related.

Learn to Fly
If you are interested in learning to fly, be aware that it is highly addicting (and a heck of a lot of fun!).  The Aircraft Owner and Pilot's Association (AOPA) can give you some good information at AOPA Learn-To-Fly.  I can also recommend (by  experience) flight instructors Beth Jenkins (Pilot's Choice, Georgetown, TX).  Some helpful links on choosing a flight school can also be found at Flight Schools Headquarters.  Most flight schools offer an inexpensive "introductory flight" and can answer you questions.  The best way to find out - ask them!

Already a Pilot?
If you are already a pilot, then you probably know about some sites where you can check out a new airport.  AOPA has a great list, as does AirnavGlobalAir also has pages with lots of detail on just about any airport you might be thinking about for a destination.

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